"Canard's big surprise: it's blow-by-blow hilarious, like a Will Ferrell movie!"

--Stacey Levine, Stranger Genius Award Winner (Literature)

"Dr. Canard is great. I'm itching to see the next episode. The writing is really funny. Watch out, Portlandia! An edge of loony Dadaism...sets your vision apart from the other less imaginative comedies out there."

--Prof. Derek Vaillant, Communication Studies Dep't., Univ. of Michigan

"Dr. Canard is a wonderful, screw-loose comedy. Like a screwball, it dips and weaves in unexpected directions, high and low, from clever to crass, classy to trashy. Itís also chock-full of funny. This movie makes you laugh and wince at modern love, where women are smart, smokiní hot, and crazy, while men are good-hearted galoots who are almost spongeworthy. I want to see more."

--Mark Kirby, co-author The Blacktivist (Award Winner, Filmmakers International Screenwriting Competition)

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