Pilot Cast

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Shawn Telford
(Bryan Mallard)

Bryan Mallard

Shawn has performed in several productions at ACT Theater; numerous commercials; and television series including "Leverage," "Grimm," "Homeland," and others. shawntelford.com

Jessica Martin
(Pam Saunders)

Pam Saunders

Jessica has appeared in productions at ACT and Seattle Repertory Theaters, with Jet City Improv, and on the TV series "Grimm." She speaks fluent Wookiee. jessicaerinmartin.com

Tracey Conway
(Janey Mount)

Janey Mount

Tracey is a veteran of Seattle's legendary sketch comedy show "Almost Live!" and stars as Sybil Dahling in the webseries "So Much for Talent." traceyconway.com

Kevin Dailey
(Jeremy Reef)

Jeremy Reef

Kevin is a member of Closet Monsters Improv group. He also recently recorded his first hip-hop album with the group Universal Flow.

Victoria Kieburtz
(Yoni Jung)

Yoni Jung

Victoria's films include "The China Captain" and "This is the DISK-O-BOYZ."

Chris Mathews

In his half century as a writer/ performer there isn't much that Chris hasn't done. His last was as an interviewee for a documentary on Twin Peaks fans. Now, with Dr. Canard . . . it's all downstairs from here!!

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